We are redefining cervical screening

10zyme is engineering biology to develop an innovative diagnostic technology that will empower women to effectively control their cervical health.

As an early-stage UK MedTech startup, we are pioneering a visionary approach to cervical screening. Our unique self-test delivers instant results for high-risk HPV, the virus responsible for over 99% of all cervical cancers.

Self-testing vs Self-collection

10zyme’s self-testing solution provides immediate, reliable results wherever and whenever the test is taken. In comparison, self-collection/sampling methods developed elsewhere only offer an alternative means of sample collection that still require transportation and laboratory testing, therefore leading to delays in obtaining results.

Self-testing will significantly increase screening uptake whilst reducing strain on vital healthcare resources, providing an accessible, convenient, and life-saving cancer prevention solution to all.

Our Research

Patient Conversations

This is a collaborative research project with the University of Chester relating to the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. If you have experienced an HPV infection, cervical cell changes, or cervical cancer, we would like to hear from you. Complete the form to arrange a time to chat.

Diagnostic Development

Our self-test diagnostic technology screens for all 14 high-risk types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), known to cause DNA damage, cell changes, and cancer. Learn more about the science behind our test.


Artificial Intelligence

Our innovative diagnostic solution integrates machine learning and synthetic biology, where the proprietary AI platform allows us to easily develop tests for diverse targets, extending the reach of the technology beyond cervical screening. Discover how our diagnostic technology incorporates AI.

Contributing to the global elimination of cervical cancer

  • Encouraging cervical screening participation
  • Reducing burden on healthcare resources
  • Decreasing cases of cervical cancer & deaths


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