We are reimagining women's health

10zyme is developing an innovative diagnostic technology driven by synthetic biology, empowering women to effectively control their cervical health.

As an early-stage MedTech startup, we are pioneering a ‘self-test’ approach to cervical screening through our unique at-home HPV test and results kit.

This will increase screening uptake whilst reducing strain on vital healthcare resources, providing an accessible, convenient, and life-saving cancer prevention solution to all.

Our Research

Patient Conversations

Have you tested postive for HPV, been diagnosed with cell changes or cervical cancer? If so you can be a part of our research into the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. Complete the form to participate.

Diagnostic Development

Our self-test diagnostic technology screens for all 14 high-risk types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause DNA damage, cell changes and cancer. Our technology is novel and innovative.

Artificial Intelligence

Our diagnostic is data-driven, harnessing machine learning we combine AI and synthetic biology into our innovative diagnostic technology. Allowing for the rapid deployment of novel diagnostics in any setting.

Helping eliminate cervical cancer.

  • Encouraging cervical screening participation.
  • Reducing burden on healthcare.
  • Reducing cases of cervical cancer & cervical cancer deaths.


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We value privacy at 10zyme. All personal information is kept safe. Please view our Privacy policy for more details.

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